Frequently Asked Questions

From where do your stem cells originate? 
The human stem cells are harvested at the Seoul Stem Medical Center in South Korea. Various healthy adult donors provide the adipose tissue from which the cells are harvested. Stem cells are grown in a nutrient rich media to establish propagating lines that can be used for cosmetic application.

Why South Korea?
South Korea is a global leader is cosmetic formulation and innovative technology. Korean cosmetic manufacturing regulations are some of the most stringent in the world, with the highest standards in clinical results and safety.

How do stem cells work? 
Stem cells are the basic cellular building blocks of your skin and body. They have a unique ability to replace damaged and diseased cells. Stem cells just below the surface of the skin can help with restorative functions, such as cellular regeneration, and ultimately enhance the skin's capacity to reverse the signs of aging.  Stem cells are your built-in repair kits with unlimited potential. 

What is Human Stem Cell Culture™? 
Beautigenix™ Human Stem Cell Culture (HSCC™) is our exclusive formulation. Our stem cells are grown in a nutrient rich media (amino acids, vitamins, glucose, etc.). This conditioning media contains growth factors and proteins that have been secreted/made by the stem cells which are the basis for our HSCC™ mask serum. Think of HSCC™ as the fruit produced on the branch of the tree. It is full of nutrition and promotes healthy growth of cells in your body.

When can I see results?
Results can vary, after first application you will visually see and feel results in the various esthetic goals. *For best results use twice a week for five weeks.

What is the mask made of?
Our masks are made of organic cotton locally sourced in Korea.  Beautigenix HSCC™ serum is so unique, it demanded socially designed cellulose masks to deliver maximal benefit. Like no other, these masks are made of long grain organic cotton linter. Their lavish natural fibers are strong, soft, and pliable. They adhere meticulously to the skin, allowing complete coverage and best placement on the face for ultimate results. 

Can I use all types of your treatment masks? 
Yes, the masks are interchangeable. However we recommend you choose one esthetic goal and use that specific treatment mask twice a week for five weeks so you can see best results in your desired goal. 

How long do I keep the mask on my face and do I rinse my face afterwards? 
The masks should be kept in place for 20-25 minutes. After mask removal, keep the HSCC™ serum on your face and pat into skin - do not rinse your face.

Do I have to change my skin care regimen to use the masks? 
No, our intensive treatment masks are used in addition to your current skin care regimen.  

Are all the masks anti-aging? 
Yes, all our masks have the key ingredient of Human Stem Cell Culture™ which is the anti-aging ingredient that rejuvenates cells in your skin.

Is this product safe to use? Yes, we have clinical results and safety reports from the Korean Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences. 

Will the Brightening Treatment make my skin look white? The Brightening mask has special ingredients that suppress melanin production to minimize hyper-pigmentation. Decreased melanin production gives the skin a more even tone and visually reduces the appearance of dark spots. 

What age and skin type can use the mask? 
Our masks are designed for all skin types and ages. Our anti-aging masks are formulated to work best with those over 30-years-old.

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